About Marist Splash

Marist Splash is sponsored by Learning Unlimited.

Marist Splash is a student-led initiative. A student team organizes the events, and all classes are taught by students.

Our Programs

We run two events:
Splash is a one day program that runs in the Spring, and features fun classes on topics ranging from aardvarks to zebras, from astronomy to zymurgy! Students can learn about origami, or writing a video game, or how to solve a rubik's cube, or how to write a screenplay!

Micro Splash - Marist Investment Center Reach Out - is a one day program that runs in the Fall, and features classes that provide a fun introduction to business and finance.

Other Programs

Learning Unlimited sponsors Splash programs at many other colleges across the country. You can find more information here.

The website for Yale Splash lists other programs that you can check out - click here.

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