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Marist Splash 2018 took place on April 14th. Watch out for Micro Splash in the Fall!

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What is Splash?

Click here to see a YouTube video of Marist Splash 2016!

Marist Splash brings high school and middle school students from the Tri-State area to Marist College to experience classes in a college setting. Classes range from the traditional to the zany, from anthropology to zombies! Best of all, classes are taught by college students! See fun pictures from Marist Splash 2016 here!

If you're a student, Marist Splash gives you the opportunity to discover our beautiful Hudson River campus. You can take fun classes, and meet college students who can answer your questions about what life is like at Marist.

If you're already a Marist student, and you would like to get involved, great! You can teach a class about something you're passionate about, be a team leader, or be one of our other volunteers. Classes can be on pretty much any topic that interests you. You can teach on your own, or with a teammate, and your class can be one hour or several hours. Check out our Facebook page!