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Micro Splash is happening on Nov 12th. Get involved!

Teacher registration is now available

If you are interested in teaching a class, please register here

Interested in Teaching?

Who can teach?
Any Marist student. Once you have registered on this site you can propose a class. We believe Splash should make learning fun and interesting. If you're passionate about a subject, and are willing to teach a class on it, then we’d love to have you join us! You can teach on your own or with a teammate. Remember that Micro Splash is specifically for business and finance-related classes.

I don't know what to teach
You can teach anything business or finance related! We can make suggestions! Just ask us. Just be mindful of time, material and resource constraints as you plan your class. Don't be afraid to ask us questions!

I've never taught before
No problem! We can provide you with tips on teaching. And you can teach with a friend if that would be less daunting for you!

How long is a class?
Most classes are one hour, although if you're teaching a class that needs more time then you can request two hours.

Can I teach more than one class?
Absolutely. You can teach the same class more than once, or you can teach two different classes. Just remember that teaching can be tiring!

My schedule is busy that day - can I specify a time for my class?
Yes, we will try to accommodate your request. But since scheduling is complicated, please only do this if it's really necessary.

Is there a deadline?
Yes, we want to get all teachers registered by the end of October.

Okay! How do I sign up?
Simply create an account, and then click the registration link above.

More questions

If you have any more questions, please consult our FAQ.

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